Soap Dispensing Palm Scrubbing Brush

Washing up doesn’t need to be a time consuming task. The smart design of this sturdy palm-held MasterClass scrubbing brush is packed full of features that ensure hassle free and efficient cleaning.
A refillable no-leak soap section releases liquid soap at the touch of a button for faster and more efficient cleaning. Once soap has been dispensed it quickly reseals to ensure no leaking and no wasted soap. Easy to refill, the soap section simply unscrews from the base and has a wide opening for no mess when refilling.
Its compact design is ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly into the palm of a hand for control and comfort, and features a non-slip grip, even when wet, for ultimate control and comfort when scrubbing at hard to remove stains.
Tough nylon bristles will remove food, grease and dirt effortlessly from dinner plates, cookware, mugs and glassware, even if it is dried on or burnt, and are also suitable for use on non-stick cookware.
With a sleek grey and matt black finish it will keep kitchen sinks in order and in style.
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