OceanSaver® Cleaning Pod Floor

This fully water soluble pod of concentrated floor cleaner is designed to reduce your plastic waste. One 9ml sachet makes 750ml of floor cleaner, so you can keep refilling your old bottles rather than buying a brand new plastic one each time you run out – keeping old plastic bottles out of our seas!

The floor cleaner has a wild lavender scent and won’t leave any sticky residues. The biodegradable and vegan formula is suitable for all floor surfaces.

Ocean Saver Pods are fully biodegradable and breakdown to only natural elements once back in the environment.

Free from parabens, mineral oils, microbeads, phthalates, triclosan, GMO ingredients, palm oil, animal ingredients, animal testing and plastic. Made in the UK. Packaged in recyclable cardboard.

Do not use on non washable surfaces, untreated or waxed wood.


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