HG mattress freshener

HG mattress freshener is for regular and convenient freshening up of a mattress. Our mattress freshener does not mask, but removes the source of the unpleasant odours and produces a fresh, hygienic result perfect for regular freshening up and to remove problematic odours.

  • For regular freshening up and to remove problematic odours
  • Works on the basis of natural enzymes and microbes
  • Does not mask, but removes the source of the unpleasant odour
  • Matress freshener works after just 20 minutes
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Clean mattress and deodorize effectively
Over time mattresses can start to smell less fresh due to night-time perspiration, but particularly due to heavy perspiration during flu, urine loss or vomit. Our mattress freshener based on enzymes and microbes does not mask odours but removes them effectively. Developed especially to deodorize a mattress regularly, hygienically and organically.

How do you use HG mattress freshener?
The mattress deodorizer is suitable for regular freshening up, but also for removing difficult odours.

For regular freshening up we recommend spraying the mattress lightly with HG mattress freshener every time you change the bed linen. Refreshing a mattress was never that easy.

When you wish to remove problem odours, such as urine or vomit from a mattress, remove the source of the odour first and then spray the mattress liberally with HG mattress freshener. When the mattress is dry, you can make the bed again.

Label Information

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Bottle Size

Contents: 500ml

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