HG grout cleaner ready to use

Tile grout cleaner with lasting powerful effect
Thanks to the so-called buffered qualities of our bathroom tile grout cleaner, the powerful cleaning level is maintained during saturation time and scrubbing, leading to perfect results. HG grout cleaner is also available as a concentrate. Any yellow or brown dirt that remains after cleaning is limescale, which can be removed with HG professional limescale remover. Black grout in the bathroom is caused by mould. For this we recommend HG mould spray or HG mould remover foam spray.

How do you use HG grout cleaner ready-to-use?
Follow the steps below for correct use of HG grout cleaner ready-to-use.

  • Spray HG grout cleaner ready-to-use liberally on the grout to be cleaned.
  • Leave the grout cleaner spray to work for a couple of minutes and then scrub the grout with a brush.
  • Remove the loosened dirt with clean lukewarm water and let dry.
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