HG Grease Away

Quick and easy grease free with the degreaser from HG
HG grease awaydegreaser spray is safe to use on all types of surfaces. Perfect as a kitchen degreaser for hob and cooker hood. But this degreaser cleaner is also perfect for degreasing the hob or tiles. HG grease away is the perfect heavy duty kitchen degreaser spray suitable for ceramic tiles and synthetics. Ideal degreaser for simple and complete degreasing in the kitchen after cooking. HG grease away is also available in economical HG grease away refill bottles, enough to refill 5 times.

How do you use HG grease away?
Follow the steps below for correct use of HG grease away.

  • Spray the surface with HG grease away and leave it to work for a few seconds.
  • During use on stainless steel, it is important to spray the product onto a clean cloth first and then clean the stainless steel.
  • Then wipe off the grease with a cloth, preferably soaked in hot water.
  • Depending on the degree of soiling, repeat the treatment.

For cleaning baked on grease and food remnants inside (combi) microwaves, HG microwave cleaner is your best option.

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