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HG copper shine polish

HG copper shine polish is a modern copper polish based on natural ingredients. It is an excellent product for objects that are becoming dull. It restores the natural shine quickly and easily and produces a long-lasting result. The copper polish is easy to use, does not scratch and is also extremely suitable for brass and bronze.

  • Also for brass and bronze
  • Does not scratch
  • Easy to use
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Brass polish for making copper objects shine again
Our modern copper shine polish has been developed especially for polishing copper objects safely to a beautiful shine. The specially selected polishing materials ensure that the deposits are removed extremely rapidly even during the application. So you don’t have to polish really.

How do you use HG copper shine polish?
Complete the following steps to have copper shine again with the HG copper shine polish:

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Apply a small amount of HG copper shine polish with a soft polishing cloth and rub gently into the copper. The dirt disappears immediately during rubbing in.
  • Now polish the brass polish until it has disappeared completely.
  • Then buff up the surface with a soft lint-free cloth. We recommend using HG copper shine cloth. Copper objects shine like new!
  • The shine can be protected with HG silver & copper polish-no-more.

Label Information

Click below to view the entire label including the hazard statements of HG copper shine polish 0.14L.

Bottle Size

Contents: 140ml

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