Dri-Pak Opal Granular Dishwasher Salt 2kg

Dri-Paks Opal granular salts are ideal for recharging the built in water softener on your dishwasher. The salts keep your machine in great condition by preventing limescale build up!

Dri-Pak is the UK’s leading supplier of dishwasher salt in the UK, using only salt of the highest purity from Cheshire. Our granular salt ensures that dishwashers and water softening units remain at optimal performance by removing limescale.

Dishwasher salt does NOT enter the wash chamber (a common misconception) – it periodically backwashes the water softener unit in the base of the dishwasher, regenerating it by an ion exchange process, which removes calcium deposits. Dishwasher salt imported from Europe is generally produced from sea salt and has a higher level of impurities. Over time, this could pose a problem for the zeolite exchange unit in dishwashers and water softeners.

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